Code of Conduct

We believe that school should be a place where children can experience success in a number of ways, where their efforts are recognized, and where they can learn in an orderly structured environment. Our School Mission has two major statements that focus on the core values of discipline and social development:

  • Building an environment that fosters self-esteem, self-discipline, mutual respect and cooperation.
  • Developing respect for self and others.

The purpose of this code is to ensure:
1. Every child has the chance to learn and play in a safe orderly environment.
2. Rules are clear and concise and consequences are understood by everyone.
3. School wide consistency and fairness.
4. Opportunities for children to learn problem solving and conflict management skills.
5. Opportunities for recognition of appropriate behavior and good citizenship.
Conflict is an inevitable part of life. Our goal is to teach children the use of conflict management skills, and to give them appropriate alternative ways to solve problems and express their feelings. Children are encouraged to talk with their teacher, principal, yard supervisor or office staff when they are afraid, angry, or have a problem they feel they cannot handle. Depending on the situation, restorative justice practices could be implemented with all parties involved, including school administration and the students’ caregivers.

Our Three Personal Standards:
1. Show Respect
2. Make Good Decisions
3. Solve Problems

Respect for School Property & Our Living Space at School
1. Take care of school property.
2. Take care of things that belong to others.
3. Use facilities correctly, i.e. not playing in the bathroom or the bike parking area, misusing drinking fountains.
4. Bring personal belongings to school only when permission from teacher has been given (radios, tape players, cameras, balls, pets, trading cards, video games, beepers, and other electronic devices, etc.).
5. Keep our campus clean; pick up after yourself.
6. Use only appropriate and respectful language.
7. Take turns using equipment and wait in lines quietly and patiently.
8. Leave white out or sharpie or permanent markers at home.
9. Please bring single serving size items for lunch. Do not send students with large amounts of food to share. Students are not allowed to share food at school for health and safety reasons.