Los Paseos School Parent Handbook

Los Paseos Home and School Club
Building Community
Academics. Hospitality. Fundraising.

Los Paseos Demographic
Los Paseos has served students in suburban South San Jose, part of the Morgan Hill Unified School District, since 1975. The student and staff population reflects Silicon Valley’s economic and ethnic diversity as well as social complexities. Los Paseos fosters an inclusive environment of supporting all students, including those with special learning and/or therapeutic needs. We offer classes for transitional kindergarten through 5th grade. Our campus climate facilitates awareness and acceptance, both of which help all students build character and community. Panther learners, of all ages, are challenged to display their personal best in pursuit of achieving academic excellence.  We serve approximately 500 students; 18.6% are English Learners, 1.0% Foster Youth, 0.6% Migrant, 12.6% Students with Disabilities, and 38.9% are Socioeconomically Disadvantaged.

Our vision is to build an inclusive and connected community through the enrichment of students, staff, and family. We build strong working relationships among families & teachers that support our students. Our 3 main areas of focus include: Academics, Hospitality, and Fundraising.
Home and School Club Governance
The role of the Home and School Club (HSC) is to build strong working relationships among families, teachers and schools, in support of students. ALL LP Families are on HSC. All families can make an impact via Panther Pledge, Volunteer 1-2 times per year, and participate in building a thriving and fun LP Community. HSC is governed by a Board who loves the school, teachers, and families! HSC Volunteers serve on one of the 3 committees: Academic, Hospitality, or Fundraising. All families are encouraged to attend HSC Meetings 1st Thursday of the month @ 6:30PM.

Please contact: board@Lp-HSC.org for any questions or comments!
Los Paseos Calendar of Events & Glossary
August 13 - All School Picnic:  
Join other Los Paseos families in a picnic to celebrate the upcoming year. Class lists will be posted. Get your students excited to meet their teachers and classmates.
Chair: Bree Haskell. Bree@lp-hsc.org

August 14 - TK/Kinder Ice Cream Social:
Kindergarten is an exciting year for parents and students alike. Celebrate this milestone with other families while enjoying a Home & School Club sponsored ice cream.
Chairs: Liz Dearinger and Bree Haskell. liz@lp-hsc.org and Bree@lp-hsc.org

August 15 - Principal Coffee Chat:  
Meet the Principal and Home & School Club Board! Have some coffee & hear the vision for the year.
Chair: Ruby Indra. Ruby@lp-hsc.org

Panther Pledge:  
Throughout the year we offer ways to volunteer and invest in our students at Los Paseos. During our fall kickoff of panther Pledge, We ask that each family donate $100 per child, give their time and/or participate in fundraisers to ensure that we thrive as a school. The Panther Pledge provides the opportunity for you to give cash donations or volunteer hours through corporate match.
Chair: Bree Haskell. bree@lp-hsc.org  Liz Dearinger. Liz@lp-hsc.org

August 28 - Back to School:
This night is essential to the success of you and your student. Meet the Los Paseos Staff and Home and School Club. This night will provide you with the information you need for the 2019/2020 school year. If you haven't already signed up for volunteer opportunities, you will be given the opportunity to meet with the board and learn what each role entails. Don’t forget to book your babysitter. This is an adult only evening to meet in your student’s class and more.

Los Paseos Fantasy Football Draft: Sept 3rd Dinner at 7PM. draft at 7:30PM.
Join us for our 1st Los Paseos Elementary Fantasy Football League LIVE Draft. Dinner served at 7PM and draft begins at 7:30PM. JOIN THE LEAGUE, MEET SOME LP FAMILIES, HAVE SOME FUN!
chair: Dave dearinger. Email to football@lp-hsc.org

Room Parent Info Night: Sept 5th 5:45PM and monthly meeting.
A Room Parent is an essential part of facilitating communication between families and the teacher, school administration, and the Home and School Club. The Room Parent chair will host a night to provide you with the information and tools needed to be successful and resourceful. room parents will meet monthly to collaborate at 5:45PM on the same evenings as the HSC meetings.
Chair: Lana Chin. Lana@lp-hsc.org

Home & School Club Meetings: 1st Thursday of the month at 6:30PM
You are a member of HSC and your input, ideas, and questions are important. Make an impact on the Academic, Hospitality or Fundraising committees to enrich the lives of our students. The two reasons we host HSC meetings monthly are to 1) Inform Los Paseos School constituencies and 2) Encourage involvement. You can attend these meetings in person or by Zoom. 1st Thursday of the month (exceptions: January & April) Sept 5, Oct 3, Nov 7, Dec 5, Jan 9, Feb 6, March 5, april 16, May 7 & June 4.

Fall Fundraiser:
Each year this fundraiser grosses approximately $20,000 for the school. It is one of our largest fundraisers. We ask each family to reach out to their network to purchase from a variety of catalog items such as magazines, wrapping paper and cookie dough to name a few. It launches in September and lasts through October.
Chairs: Britney Fultz. Email: bnraudez@gmail.com  Ruby Indra. ruby@lp-hsc.org

Sept 20 - Movie Night:
This year we are hosting our annual Movie night on Sept 20. Families bring their lawn chairs and blankets to watch a family rated movie for all enjoy. Food and wears will be sold.
Chair: Raquel Lopez. raclopez37@yahoo.com

Oct 11 - Ladies Tea:
Join us on October 11 for our annual celebration of the women in our life. Our children find the greatest joy in sharing time eating pastries and drinking tea while taking part in our photo booths and activities.
Chair: Lana Chin. Lana@lp-hsc.org
Oct 31 - Halloween Parade:
Parents and family, gather around as our Los Paseos students wear their costumes and walk with their class in a parade around the blacktop.
Chair: Desirea Peffer. desireap@yahoo.com
Science Robotics Night:
As part of our STEM enrichment programming, we have partnered with the Children’s Discovery Museum to offer a night of family fun and learning.
Chair: TBD

Dec 17-20 - Science Camp:
The Fifth Grade students participate in Science Camp in the Santa Cruz mountains for four days and three nights for a memorable and educational experience.
Chair: Cindy Brown. sciencecamp@lp-hsc.org     

Jan 24 - International Festival:
During this time students research the countries of their ancestors and present their research at an International Festival to celebrate their different cultures through authentic costumes, patriotic music, and international cuisine.
Chair: TBD

Math Night:
As part of our STEM enrichment programming, families participate in a hands-on event that will help parents learn more about the kinds of math students are learning in the elementary grades.
Chair: TBD

Feb 17 - March 6 - Reading Extravaganza: (Read a Thon/Book Fair/Read Across America)
This three week experience is a celebration of reading.
●    The Read A Thon fundraiser: Families raise funds for minutes read!
●    Read Across America: Reading Week at School! Guest readers, assembly, etc. wraps up with a celebration of dr. Seuss’ birthday.
●    Scholastic Book Fair: Choose books to purchase for your family! Proceeds go to teachers to increase their classroom libraries.
Chairs: Julie Webb and Sarah Lee. bookFair@lp-HSC.org

Mar 6 - Donuts with Dudes:
Our children find the greatest joy in starting their morning with the dudes in their life eating donuts while taking part in our photo booths and more.
Chair: Monique Chang. mrsmochang@gmail.com

March 19-22 - Spring Theater Shows:
Every spring we bring the children of Los Paseos School to perform in a theater production. This year we will be putting on a production of Aristocats with Theater Fun Director Carol Romo and music Director Mrs. Crane.
Chair: Marie Vasquez. Marie.vasquez06@gmail.com

April 27 - Apex Fun Run & Leadership program: April 14-28th. Fun Run: April 27th.
Fitness, Character, and Leadership Program. Apex Fun Run Program is an interactive leadership program that helps develop leadership skills, good character, and fitness, while raising money to support our students. During the Apex Program, students are challenged to gather pledges for the laps they will run on Fun Run day. Students learn many leadership lessons in class each day of the program and earn great rewards for their hard work. The Fitness, Character, and Leadership program supports teachers, field trips, and more.
Chair: Bree Haskell. bree@lp-hsc.org. Co-Chair: TBD.

May 4-8 - Teacher Appreciation Week:
Teachers play a critical role in educating and shaping our children: the future leaders of our country.  They are kind, patient, hard-working, dedicated and understanding professionals that mold our children’s lives in a positive direction.  We entrust our children with the teachers, and they affect their lives on a daily basis. We will celebrate them during the national Teacher Appreciation Week!
Chair: Britney Fultz. Email: bnraudez@gmail.com

May 27 - Family Picnic:
Join your student on the lawn for a picnic. Bring your own picnic blanket, lunch, and wear a hat/sunscreen.

May 30 - End of Year Festival:
Come join us on Saturday, May  30th from 1 to 4pm for art, music, snacks, crafts, entertainment, raffles, a not-so-silent auction and much more.
Chair: Lana Chin. Festival@lp-hsc.org

Year Round
Box Tops for education:
Clip box tops to turn in or scan receipt in box tops mobile app. and choose los paseos.
Chair: Denise Mraz

Coach Khoa:
Coach khoa is a contracted Physical education coach paid for jointly by the hsc and school site budget. He hosts a weekly pE class for each classroom throughout the week. He also hosts an additional after school play club and basketball for a registration fee. see los paseos website for details.

Music with Mrs. Crane:
Mrs. Crane is a highly regarded music teacher contracted to teach weekly music lessons for each classroom throughout the year. paid for by the Home and school Club.

Dance with Mr. eX:
Mr. Ex is a dance teacher who hosts classes for all students twice monthly. He is paid for jointly by the HSC and school site budget.

all students participate in karate with Weekly lessons on a rotation schedule. Each session per grade is about eight to ten weeks. Karate is generously donated by the studio ernie reyes’ west coast martial arts association.

STEAM Lab and Library are amazing resources supported by HSC, School site Budget, grants, and more!
Field Trips: are paid for by the home & School Club.

Family Nights Out:
These occur throughout the school year and are family dining events where a portion of the proceeds go to los Paseos HSC. Chair: Toni Mendez. Toni@lp-hSC.org

birthday Club:
LP HSC invites you to celebrate your child's birthday. includes: personalized birthday banner on school marquee, birthday spirit stick and pencil. $15 Form in office or school website or online link: https://forms.gle/cGpFs9qeRaEifWuB7 Chair: Toni Mendez. toni@lp-hSC.org


Spirit Sticks:
Spirit sticks are fun ways to treat your child. These fabric “Sticks” hang on their backpacks. $1/stick. Pop up booth on campus throughout the year. Dates tBD.
Chair: Britney fultz. bnraudez@gmail.com
Spirit Wear: Grab your Lp Spirit wear! Clearance on past spirit wear during Back to school night. New spirit wear order form coming soon. Chair: Ruby Indra. Ruby@lp-hSC,org Co-Chair: TBD











Panther Pledge
Yes! I want to improve my child’s education by supporting Los Paseos Elementary’s science, tech, arts, math, physical education, music, field trip, library, dance, theatre, and community building programs funded by the HSC.

I would like to SUPPORT (Check all that apply) by:
monthly donation
one time donation
by joining one of the LPHSC Board committees or Volunteering: __________________________

MATCH YOUR SUPPORT!!! Your gift may be doubled when it is matched by your employer. Contact your Human Resources Department for details. Did you know, your employer might donate for hours you have volunteered?
□ I would like my donation or volunteer hours to be matched by my company!
    Company Name: ______________________________________________________
    Payout Date: ______________________ Your Donation $__________________ Corporate Donation: _____________
My company matches volunteer hours. Company name; ______________________________________________________

To make your gift:
Online: PayPal.me/lphsc (please note purpose of gift)
by check (Please enclose. Made payable to LPHSC and deliver to Mia in Office.)
corporate matching: Donations must be made through a current employer or retiree’s former employer foundation or corporate giving program.

□ Questions? Please email board@Lp-hsc.org

Volunteer Form

Los Paseos Home & School Club (HSC) is an organization for parents and guardians who are interested in doing what they can to enhance our children's education and support our school. Los Paseos Home & School Club (HSC) meetings are held 1st Thursdays of the month (except January & April). Your presence and input are greatly valued.
Please join us in building our Los Paseos Community!  

You may fill out the remainder of this form, or do so online: https://forms.gle/mmFybbrgxHZYL9JV9

Parent / Guardian Name(s): ______________________________________________
Phone: (____) _________________________________________________________
Email(s) : _____________________________________________________________

Did you know that many companies will pay for your volunteer hours? Some up to $50 per hour! Check with your human resource department to see if your company donates for your time volunteered at los paseos!
꣐ My company donates for volunteer time.   Company name: _______________________________________    $/Hour: _______________

There are many ways you can support our Los Paseos School & Community. Please let us know which areas you are interested in helping with and our HSC team will follow up with additional information.

꣐    Fall Fundraiser                 ꣐    Ladies Tea: Oct 11            
꣐    Halloween Parade Oct. 31            ꣐    International Festival: Jan 24
꣐    Spring Theater: Mar 19-22        ꣐    Spirit Wear: Year Round    
꣐    Read A Thon: Feb 17-Mar 2        ꣐    Box Tops: Year Round
꣐    Los Paseos Festival: May 30         ꣐    Movie Night: Sept 20    
꣐    International Festival: Jan 24        ꣐    Donuts with Dudes: Mar 6
꣐     Birthday Club: Year Round         ꣐    Staff Appreciation Week: May 4-8
꣐    Robotics Night: Nov. TBD            ꣐    Room Parent: Year Round
꣐    Math Night: Feb TBD            ꣐    Apex Fun Run & Leadership: Apr 27
꣐    Clean Up Crew: Year Round         ꣐    Spirit Sticks: Year Round
Thank you for helping our children and families build our Los Paseos Community.