Room Parent Job Description

The Los Paseos Home and School Club (HSC) is an organization consisting of parent volunteers just like you.  As an HSC Room Parent, you will be the point of contact for the parents/guardians in your child’s classroom and the HSC.  You will also represent and speak on behalf of class parents/guardians during HSC meetings, thus giving them a voice.  Because this position is an important one, we ask that each Room Parent represent only one class at a time.

Room Parent Perks:
You’ll be given a network of other Room Parents to brainstorm/ plan with, a place to collaborate on a monthly basis, a room (P2) with resources to use when needed (with a space for your kids to play!) and the ability to make a large impact in our community. Get to know other Room parents for your grade level to collaborate.

Duties Include:

  • Attend monthly HSC meetings 3rd Thursday of month.  If you are unable to attend meetings, please find an alternate parent from your class to attend in your place. Your presence is important.
  • Organize and collect money or donations for:
  1.       Teacher Appreciation Day, birthday, and/or holiday gift.
  2.       Class auction basket (if applicable)
  3.       Festival game booths (if applicable)
  • Recruit and organize parent volunteers for classroom and school-wide events.  Please refer to the Calendar of Events as well as the list of open Chair seats. We will use to manage volunteers.
  • Remind parents of upcoming events and encourage them to participate.
  • Familiarize yourself with Los Paseos information resources such as the website, HSC Facebook Page, bulletin board, newsletters and the digital flyers.
  • Maintain an open line of communication with your fellow parents/guardians, your teacher, and the HSC Board, thus building community.
  • Assist your child’s teacher with specific tasks (per his or her discretion) which may include but are not limited to: making copies, holiday party organizing, project prep, sending emails (e.g., fundraising events).  Please note that all emails are to be sent as a “blind copy” (BCC) to protect privacy.
  • Volunteering: Please remind parents that if they want to volunteer to help in the classroom or chaperone field trips, they must obtain a volunteer badge through the Morgan Hill Unified School District.  There is a fee for undergoing a fingerprinting/background check.  Badges are issued from the district office.  Please refer to the MHUSD website.


Teacher Appreciation Day/Week, birthday, and/or holiday gift

  • Door Decoration: By Monday morning of Teacher Appreciation Week, room parents ensure that their teacher’s door is decorated (room parents can also designate someone to do the door decoration).  HSC will host an optional session where room parents can gather to work on door decorations together.  Websites like Pinterest have great ideas if you have a theme in mind.
  • Colored butcher paper is available in the school office and are the width of the class door.  You can also use the die cutter in the office to cut out letters, numbers, and shapes.
  • Resource for gifts: Big Red Binder – The physical binder is available in the office and contains a wish list for each teacher, including their favorite things like favorite color, food, sports team, etc.  The binder is also available online through the school website.


  • Family Night Out – These occur throughout the school year and are family dining events where a portion of the proceeds go to Los Paseos HSC.
  • Fun Run – The Fun Run is one of the biggest school wide fundraisers of the year and is typically held in April or May.
  • Science Camp – If you are a room parent for a 5th grade class, please note there are fundraisers which help to subsidize the cost of science camp (e.g., chocolate and poinsettia sales).  NOTE: Only 5th graders attend science camp.  

please don’t hesitate to reach out to an HSC Board Member 
Room Parents: Please fill out the google form provided by your teacher to confirm your role as room parent. Thank you!