Monthly Newsletter

The school publication, “Panther Pride”, is sent home monthly. This document highlights the events of the previous month and details activities planned for the future. Click here to view the current Newsletter.

The Principal maintains an open-door policy, believing that ongoing communication with students, staff, and community is essential. Appointments can be made with teachers before and after school. Some teachers produce a weekly/monthly newsletter-highlighting curriculum. All teachers communicate via homework and weekly assignment sheets.

The Los Paseos web site is updated weekly. If you have any questions of suggestions, please email


An evening early in the school year is dedicated for parents to meet the principal and the staff. A general informational session is held. Parents are then invited to individual classrooms to hear the teacher present curriculum, discipline policy, and classroom expectations. This is an excellent opportunity for adults to interact with and become familiar with what their child will be learning during the school year.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Sharing information on a students’ academic progress is the responsibility of both the parent and the teacher. Conferences are scheduled in November. Additional conferences may be scheduled at any time as needed to discuss student’s academic progress.

Open House

Open House is held in the spring. The purpose of this evening is for families to visit the school and allow the students and staff to share projects, programs and events of the year with parents and friends.

School Visits

Parents are encouraged to help in the classroom, enjoy lunch with their child, or visit the playground. All parents and visitors must register in the office each time they come on campus. Please call the school to make arrangements with individual teachers. Parents are asked not to bring siblings on visits to the classroom.

Progress Report

Progress reports will be sent to parents whose children are not performing satisfactorily before each report card.

Report Cards

Each child will be evaluated in terms of his own ability and achievement as related to grade level standards. Progress is reported to parents at scheduled parent teacher conferences in November and at each trimester on the student report card. Work folders containing representative samples of student’s work will be sent home weekly with the student.

Yard Duty

Before School:

  1. No one may be on the yard until 8:20. All students who come before school must wait to go on to the playground.
  2. No one may wait for friends in the front of the school.
  3. Students may not be hanging out in the hallways.
  4. No one may be on the equipment.
  5. Freeze at the bell, then walk to line at the whistle.


  1. Freeze at the bell, then walk to line at the whistle.
  2. No drinks after the bell rings.

After School:

  1. All student traffic will exit school at the front (near the office) of the school unless they are walking across the back field.
  2. All students wait behind the black fence until they see their car.
  3. No parent will cut across the parking lot. Everyone must use the cross walks.
  4. Students who are not picked up by 3:10 are to be taken to the office.

New District Student Resource Page

The Morgan Hill Unified School has a new Student Resource page. This page includes MHUSD Board policy on a variety of issues. Click here for access to this page.

School Facts and Accountability Information

Each year, we share important facts about schools with parents guardians, and the community at large. Early in the fall, we produce Fact Sheets that summarize key facts from the previous school year (the most recent year for which we have complete data). Later in the year, we produce longer reports that provide details about our students, teachers, facilities, financial resources, and educational programs.

Uniform Complaint Procedure

MHUSD Board Policy dealing regarding compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations governing educational programs.

Other Communications

All notices distributed at school must have approval of the Principal. We ask that birthday invitations not be given out at school. Thank you for your understanding.