Homework Policy


Los Paseos Homework Policy 


At Los Paseos School, the development of each child extends beyond the hours of the school day. As educators, we know that students excel in many different ways when given the opportunity. We also know that the most current research shows that the traditional homework given in elementary grades does NOT have a positive impact on academic achievement.


So what does support academic achievement?  We encourage ample opportunities for reading, development of hobbies and activities outside of school, conversations with family members, and plenty of time for free play. 


Families are encouraged to take an active and supportive interest in their student’s learning. Read together. Talk together. Play together. Go for a walk together. Turn off technology and have a face-to-face conversation. 


Here are the recommended daily homework times per grade level. This INCLUDES time spent reading or being read to with an adult:

Kindergarten & 1st grade: 10 minutes

2nd grade: 20 minutes

3rd grade: 30 minutes

4th grade: 40 minutes

5th grade: 50 minutes


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