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I love teaching because the classroom is full of so much growth, laughter, and love! Learning alongside your student and family and providing any support I can is my goal as a teacher. Kindergarten is a year of tremendous and exciting growth! Students are learning expected classroom behaviors, deciding how to make the best choices for themselves, and building relationships with new friends alongside exploring academic concepts. I am looking forward to all of the adventures this year has in store for us!

About Me 

Welcome to Kindergarten in Room 2! I studied Theatre Arts and Child Development at San Jose State, and I received my Teaching Credential and Master of Arts in Teaching from Santa Clara University. I have lived in this neighborhood for most of my life. I spent my childhood biking through the streets, climbing the hills all around, and playing at the park. Since I was in elementary school, I have loved to sing in choirs and work on (and watch) musicals. I enjoy working backstage and love to be immersed in the magic of theatre. Music and theatre are two important parts of my life, and they fit so perfectly in kindergarten!


Upcoming Events

  1. School starts August 13, 2020