1. Students must maintain regular attendance to show academic progress and must be in class each day at 8:30 a.m.
  2. California Education Code states that children between the ages of 6 & 16 must attend school daily and a minor child becomes truant after three or more unexcused absences. Excess absences may result in a referral to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).
  3. The Morgan Hill Unified School District must also abide by state attendance laws which provide legal means to correct problems of excessive absence or truancy.
  4. Parent cooperation is critical to insure regular daily school attendance of students which will not only promote academic success, but will generate funds to maximize the instructional program.|
  5. The state no longer funds attendance for any absence but the District is required to maintain detailed records of the reasons for student absences.
    State Education Code and School Board Policy allow schools to excuse absences for the following reasons only (even though funds are not received): (1) Illness, (2) Quarantine directed by county or city health officer, (3) Medical, dental, or optometrical services appointment (signed and dated medical provider note required following appointment), (4) Funeral services for member of immediate family (one day within California, three days outside California).
  6. Absences for reasons other than those listed above are considered unexcused.
  7. If a student is going to be absent parents are asked to telephone the school. If parents do not report student absence, the office staff phones the family for each absent student until they reach an adult with whom to verify the absence. Parent reporting saves a great deal of time, Staff could be more successfully serving children. Messages may be left on the recorder by calling the school phone number1-408-201-6420 ext. 14108 at any time.
  8. Absences that are excusable as noted above may be cleared with a note or phone call, the child returns to school, and must be cleared within three days. To clear an absence the parent can call the school or send a note with the following information: first & last name of student, date of absence, reason for absence, signature or identification of parent and relation to student, doctor’s note (if appropriate). Please note that all absences should be reported to the school office, even if they fall into the unexcused category.
  9. If a student is out 2 or more days, the parent must call in the reason for the absence by the second day. If an absence is not cleared within three days, it will be considered unexcused and counted towards truancy. A child is also considered truant for any unexcused tardy of 30 minutes or more. If a student is declared “habitual truant” (4 or more instances of unexcused absences/truant tardy) the District Attorney will be notified and possible court action may be taken by the D.A.’s office.
  10. Medical and Dental appointments should be made after school whenever possible. If a student must miss school for a doctor or dentist appointment, a note from the doctor’s office may be brought to the school office following the appointment to verify the excused absence. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to contact the office and clear the absence. It is the student’s responsibility to contact teachers for class work missed.
  11. A Doctor’s Note May Be Requested/ Needed When:
    1. A student has excessive absences due to illness/injury.
    2. If a student is late or absent due to a medical or dental appointment.
  12. No amount of homework can substitute for the interaction between teacher and learners. Please schedule necessary appointments after school hours.
  13. In order for a student to leave campus during the school day, a student must check out through the Office by having a parent call the office at 1-408-201-6420 or by bringing a note from a parent. Upon return to school, the student must check in at the Office, and bring a note signed by the medical provider (if the student was at a medical appointment) or parent. Not following this procedure could result in an unexcused absence.
  14. Although strongly discouraged, missing school for a family trip is sometimes unavoidable. These absences are considered Unexcused according to the California Education Code. Students missing school should contact his/her teachers as soon as possible for make-up work.


Parents are asked to notify the office a few days before the last day when a student is moving. The new school will request the child’s permanent records and ask for the address of the previous school which is:

Los Paseos Elementary School
121 Avenida Grande
San Jose, CA 95139-1107
Phone: (408) 201-6420
Fax: (408) 201-6430

Picking Children Up Before the End of the School Day

Parents are asked not to pick their child up before the end of the school day unless it is absolutely necessary. Early pick up interrupts classroom instruction. The teacher must stop teaching to give homework and other necessary directions to one child individually while instruction stops for the others. Parent cooperation in this matter is appreciated. Please see the current bell schedule.


School begins at 8:30 a.m. When students arrive late to school it creates a problem for all the learners in the room. Instruction is interrupted and the child has missed some of the opening exercises and instruction. Attendance is taken in each class promptly at the start of school.  Children who arrive after 8:30 must obtain a Late Pass from the office before going to class.