Los Paseos has served students in the suburban South San Jose area of the Morgan Hill Unified School District since 1975. We serve approximately 500 students, from Transitional Kindergarten through 5th grade. Our school prides itself on building an inclusive community of learners and helping each child identify and build upon their individual gifts and talents. All are welcome at Los Paseos, where we have a diverse student population that reflects the richness of our Bay Area community. Just under 20% of our students are English learners. 

The curriculum is based on State Standards and the faculty is steadfast in its effort to ensure achievement of standards at every grade level. To this end, teachers use instructional strategies that align to standards and appropriate educational research. The library is staffed with a clerk and serves all students. A health clerk attends to issues of health and safety at the direction of a district nurse. A psychologist and school nurse serve the school on a scheduled basis.

The Los Paseos Home and School Club provides enrichment opportunities for students and supports specific financial needs. School wide events sponsored by the group include social opportunities and fund raisers that provide technology, field trips, assemblies and classroom supplementary materials.

The School Site Council meets regularly to monitor the school program and the school based consolidated budget.

Parents actively participate by volunteering in classrooms, in the library, on field trips, and with a wide variety of programs created by individual teachers. the school enjoys a positive image in the community and is a hub of many school and community activities.

Our school mascot is the panther and the school colors are blue and gray.

Vision Statement

Los Paseos Elementary School is a diverse community of lifelong learners and educational partners. By fostering a positive, safe and supportive environment, our students become well-rounded, responsible and respectful citizens of the world.

Mission Statement

  • A safe, caring community that respects and values cultural and individual differences;
  • An environment of learning where all students can reach their potential;
  • A school that expects exemplary academic achievement, performance and behavior;
  • A place where the social, emotional and physical development of each child is nurtured;
  • A supportive partnership of staff, students, parents and community;
  • An institution where standards-based curriculum is taught using research based practices, cycle of inquiry, current technology, and innovative strategies.