Supply List for Fifth Grade

Please consider buying these supplies for your child and your child's classroom.

Individual SuppliesClassroom Supplies
(2 folders) Sturdy homework folder and
sturdy classwork folder
Wide ruled binder paper
2 composition notebooks wide ruledZiplock bags (sandwich, qt, gal)
2 spiral notebooks
Disinfecting wipes & unscented baby wipes
Pencils (for the year), Erasers, Pencil
sharpener with catcher
2 colored pens (one for final drafts, one for correcting)Dry Erase Markers
Dry erase large tip markers (for year) & eraser(or clean white sock)
Post-it notes (tabbed and square)
Bottle of Elmer's Glue
Colored Pencils (used daily)
Wide/fine markers (optional)
Headphones (optional)