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Hello Families!

I would like to introduce to you Mr. Ex, our school dance teacher! Thanks to you (our Home and School Club Families) and the Live Oak Grant Foundation, all our students receive dance instruction. Introducing Mr. Ex…

-Debbie Stewart

My name is Exavier Viramontez also known as Mr. Ex with Troubadour Beat Lab and I am the dance instructor here at Los Paseos. I strive to promote a healthy lifestyle for the students through music and dance. By teaching a combination of aerobic hip-hop and ballroom dance, the students not only develop their gross and fine motor skills but also practice teamwork and interpersonal cooperation. Currently all the students have been working on those two types of dances, however the ballroom pieces have expanded to Merengue, Samba, and even Tango for the 5th graders. So far the students have all been making great progress and I am pleased to say the level of dance has never been higher than it currently is! Stay tuned for more progress reports, and info on the upcoming show!

Debbie Stewart

If you are interested in getting something for Ms. Stewart for Teacher Appreciation Day (or any other reason), her favorite things can be found here.

Please review the PAWSitive Behavior Expectations Matrix and join our efforts in promoting a safe and caring climate. Be sure to ask your child how they are contributing to the PAWSitively Panther spirit at school! Please review our “ABC’s” vision and mission statement:


We know that all students can achieve their personal best through PAWS expectations of being peaceful, aware, wise and safe on campus.


We believe that all students can make positive contributions to society and it is our moral imperative to tap into each individual’s potential.


We cultivate 21st century skills and encourage our students to persevere.


We strive to help our students become compassionate and confident in an ever-changing world.

Debbie Stewart, Principal

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