Maria Saah

Maria Saah – First Grade

About Me –

Hello everyone! My name is Mrs. Saah and this is my thirteenth year teaching at Los Paseos Elementary. I have taught third grade for ten years and am on my third year in first grade! I graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters in Education. I grew up in Southern California and now live in San Jose with my husband, four year old daughter, Sophia and one year old son, Alexander. When I’m not in the classroom, I enjoy working out, listening to music, traveling, shopping, and spending time with my family.


There is no job better than teaching. Each day is different, and children are a constant source of amazement. They are fun to work with, and watching them learn and grow is extremely rewarding. Every day is an adventure! In addition to working with children, it is very rewarding to work with parents as well. As partners in your child’s education, we can collaborate to help your child succeed! I believe that learning is a fun and lifelong experience.

It is my hope to instill the same beliefs in each child by encouraging curiosity, promoting problem solving, encouraging creativity and the idea that learning happens every day, not just at school. I aim to bring an open mind, positive attitude, and high expectations as I assist each child in developing their own potential and learning style.

We will be using the Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck, where each child will be encouraged to give and take feedback, learn from mistakes and find innovative ways to improve. A commonly used phrase in Room 5 is “Mistakes are proof that you’re trying!” Curriculum will be presented, incorporating different learning styles, all the while making sure that the content is meaningful and relevant to each child’s life. There will be lots of hands on learning, cooperative learning, projects, themes, and individual work that will engage and activate student learning. To foster a safe, caring community, your child will also be taught mindfulness techniques to help regulate their behavior and to embrace the differences of others.

Individual Supplies Needed

  • Backpack
  • Pencils
  • Personal Headphones(with your child’s name clearly written in permanent marker on headphones and on medium sized ziplock bag)
  • Glue Sticks
  • Markers
  • Low Odor Dry Erase Board Markers

Class Supplies Needed

Upcoming Events

  1. School starts August 16, 2018