Volunteers & Donations

Volunteers play a significant and varied role. they contribute to the success of Los Paseos students in many ways. the staff and students are grateful to the generous parents who:

  • Share technical skills with the staff
  • Arrive at school 30 minutes before school is out to help some children with homework
  • Spend 15 minutes listening to a child read
  • Have an extra 10 minutes and offer to help the office staff collate papers
  • Come to school to enjoy lunch with their child (and in doing so provide an extra set of eyes on student safety)
  • Offer to use an evening to make phone calls
  • Offer to cut, staple, collate and file for office or teacher at home
  • Chaperone filed trips
  • Help with class projects
  • Help a struggling writer
  • Translate for a non-English learner
  • Consider taking a yard duty position (a paid position)

Individual teachers may enlist help in the classroom for various projects, to assist with individuals or small groups of students, or to assist with supervision and various preparation duties.

Parents who have time and skill to share need only make this known so the staff feels comfortable calling to ask for your time and expertise when a big project or new program requires additional support.


We wish to thank the following for their generous donations

Herb Bowen & Hatachi for the Big Screen Projection System

Live Oak Foundation for their yearly grants (most recently for Coyote Valley Project materials and for computer lab software.)

Barona Indian Tribe for their grant to purchase 5 new computers to help complete our computer lab.

Yearbook Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed for the yearbook staff. If you would like to play a huge role in preserving your child’s elementary school memories, you can help with this year’s yearbook. The yearbook can be the best one ever with your help! Contact the HSC at lospaseoshsc@gmail.com if you’re interested.