HSC Minutes

Home & School Club Meeting
Wednesday, January 10, 2018
5:30 pm Staff room

General Meeting Minutes
1. Welcome Start of Meeting 5:32-5:38 pm
2. Introductions-Julie Webb- LP Treasurer, Meghan Beltran- LP Co Treasurer,
Kelly Fumagalli- LP Secretary, Debbie Stewart- LP Principal, Amanda Postel-
LP Kindergarten Teacher, Jenn Abberton- LP Kindergarten Teacher, Lisa
Moore- Box Top Coordinator, Eric Braun, Debbie Mosqueda, Lana Chin,
Cindy Brown, Bree Haskell, Rori Launspach-parents
3. Approval of meeting minutes from 10/25/2017 passed at 5:40
4. Amended Bylaws Discussion and Vote started discussion 5:41
Biggest change treasurer added as signer on checks
Discussion of a change in bylaws that principals signature, in absence of
president, she will act as fiscal accountability by signing invoices.
Voted to make effective in 7 days 6:00
5. Treasurer’s Report
a. 7/1/2017 balance $41,535
b. Current unreconciled balance $52,638 ($20,000 library fund included in total)
c. Science Camp/Poinsettias paid
d. Music/ Dance paid until March
e. Field Trip Budgets- last years field trip budget was $15000
I. Kindergarten going to the Farm cost for field trip is $632 and bus costs $1800 total cost $2432
II. 1st grade Tech Museum $430 Discovery Museum ? using lightrail Total close to $1000
III. 2nd grade going to Monterey Bay Aquarium is $1104 bus costs close to $2000 total of $3104
IV. 3rd grade proposal not received yet approximately $3000
V. 4th grade Schmahl Science on campus $1800
VI. 5th grade already went to Science Camp no extra cost
f. Total for field trips as of now is close to $8, 500 waiting on 3rd grade response
g. Field Trips expenses passed by vote Motioned by Eric, Seconded by Cindy
6. Principal’s Report
a. Music in Motion- Michelle Moyer had to break with Los Paseos due to illness.
b. Mr. X dance instruction started weekly dance through March
I. Rori Launspach brought up possibly getting San Jose State Students coming to teach singing in the Spring.
II. Coin Drive for Magical Bridge Playground in Morgan Hill-
Meets the needs of all people, group that is working to build a play area in community park Monterey and Edmonson
III. Asking Students to bring in coins for a Coin drive in the 1/16-1/26 for
Magical Bridge
IV. Teacher-principal driven providing pizza party
C. Grant for Library progress- Committee made up of principal, teachers, and a few community people. An idea was volunteers to have the library open at lunch? Making library more accessible for students.
6. Teacher’s Comments
a. With the flucuation in the hsc, teachers are taking care of activities. IXL competition, Talent Show, Donuts with Dad, Read A Thon, Read Across America
7. Current HSC role/New Officers?
Task list brought up by Bree moving people into action.
8. Upcoming Fundraisers/Events
a. Read-a-thon – Suzy Delgado and teachers proposed Friday, Feb.9 – Friday, Mar 3/2 using books and beyond sheets. 100% of donations goes to HSC.
Last day for prizes is 3/5
b. Proposed Book Fair 3/2 – 3/8 (open lunch and afterschool for 1 hour) need volunteers
i. Classroom previews 3/2 and 3/5
c. Read Across America day is Friday, 3/2 Donuts with Dad?
d. Spirit Sticks- Jen Abberton
New Spirit Sticks coming soon.
e. Spirit Wear- Jill Braun
f. Third trimester fundraiser- Walk a thon last year earned $20,000
Committee made up of Rori Launspach, Cindy Brown, Lana Chin and
Bree Haskel with help of HSC officers
9. Questions/Comments
Accountability of officers for checking account
Principals signature on invoices of expenses.
Cindy Brown brought up an auction?
Family Night Out? Lana Chin
Night Time events? What would be involved?