How We Help

The LPHSC helps to enrich the experience of every Los Paseos student. We raise funds to help provide enrichment activities, classroom supplies, and capital improvements to the school, and we also host several community events to help promote a strong bond between the school and all our families.

Field Trips

Each year the Home & School Club provides funds so that every grade gets to go on at least one field trip. Here’s a look at past trips:

  • Kindergarten: Hidden Villa
  • First grade: Children’s Discovery Museum
  • Second grade: Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Third grade: Gilroy Gardens
  • Fourth grade: Tech Museum, San Juan Bautista, Gold Rush Assembly, Mochado School
  • Fifth grade: Science Camp buses

There are several assemblies held each year featuring guest speakers and performers. Examples of past assemblies include Chinese acrobats, “Heroes,” Rainforest Animals, Women in History, and the “Bat Lady”!

Books & Beyond

Books & Beyond is a program to help encourage a love of reading in children of all ages. Students record the number of minutes they read at home and turn in their sheets to receive prizes such as small toys, bookmarks, fun school supplies, and even free books. Parent volunteers keep track of each student’s level, and a special awards ceremony is held for those children who reach level 15 and above.

Click on a link below to get B&B log sheet or explanation of the B&B program.

TK-5th Grade Books & Beyond Single Sheet
TK-5th Grade Books & Beyond 2-up Sheet

If you have any questions regarding the Books & Beyond program or would like to donate your time, please contact Lindsey Nijmeh, Books and Beyond Coordinator.

Scholastic Books

Twice each year, Los Paseos hosts a Scholastic Book Fair, which is a great opportunity for kids, parents and teachers to shop for quality books at reasonable prices. Best of all, Scholastic gives a portion of the proceeds back to the school in books and other classroom materials. Each Book Fair runs for about one week and is held in conjunction with other school events like the Spring Carnival and Open House. Each year, every classroom library received several books from the book fair profits – several thousands worth!

Fitness Programs

There is a similar program in 4th-6th grades which encourages fitness. Students earn rewards for every new level they reach. This teaches children the importance of exercise and they also enjoy the time walking with their friends. In addition, 4th & 5th students participate in the annual Turkey Trot at Murphy Middle School.

Music Program

Due to statewide budget cuts during recent years, LPHSC was asked to fund the music program. Without LPHSC funding there would be no music program for Los Paseos students.

Extracurricular Activities

There are several other opportunities for the LPHSC to fund. These include after school sports, performing arts, student council and other activities the teachers and staff propose to the LPHSC.

Classroom Supplies

Each year the Home & School Club helps fill in the “gaps” in the school budget for classroom supplies, including the following:

  • “Teacher’s Fund” for each teacher to spend on books and supplies
  • Additional funds for new teachers to help them build their classroom libraries
  • Library books & subscriptions
  • Earthquake Disaster Kits
  • World and state maps for classrooms

Capital Improvements

Thanks to the generous support of our community, the Home & School Club has been able to raise funds to make significant capital improvements to our school. In the past LPHSC has provided the following capital expenditures included:

  • Classroom computers
  • New computers & monitors for Computer Lab
  • Playground & sports equipment such as balls, uniforms, and more
  • Donation towards a new copy machine
  • Marquee sign for front of school