Panther Family Newsletter

Hello Los Paseos Families!

A big thank you to all of the families that have supported the Panther Pledge this year. We have raised $3,000 in just a few weeks. If you can, any donation is appreciated. Remember, every dollar given goes directly to Los Paseos Home and School Club. Your time is also something of worth for our students, please reach out to us: and we would love to have your help.

We will also post weekly emails on our Facebook page to allow all families to translate into their home language, or search @LPHSC once in Facebook.

Here is a run down of current events:

9/15— 9/29 The Great American Fundraiser

 1. Packets sent home in the Friday Folders. 

You can support this fundraiser online. Click here and use school ID code: 3597507 to support Los Paseos and then you can enter your student’s name and grade and shop away! Make sure you share this information with your family and friends.

2. Student coupon collections are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the two week session at the lunch recesses. They will earn a lanyard and their first COOP with selling two items, every three more they earn another COOP. Ask them, there’s a ton of cool ones! Every so often, we will look out for a special COOP and they will get an extra prize. Kids can have their lanyards on during lunch recesses, so remind them to bring them out!

3. On 9/29, all sales must be turned in. HSC will count all student collections (student collected and online student sales), and send out invitations to the Video Game Truck in the following weeks. Students who sell 15 items, are invited to the gaming truck. Students who sell 20 items bring a BFF and 30 items sold will bring two BFF’s (or in the fundraiser, she said ‘your alternate BFF!). It is an awesome incentive we worked hard for, we hope your kids will really push for it and earn their entry.

4. Our school goal is $12,000. If this is reached, HSC will host a whole school field day for all students to enjoy the sunshine, have some fun and get some exercise!

Don’t miss out on the fun! All money from this fundraiser is due on the 29th of September. Thank you to Melanie Hawk, First Trimester Fundraiser Coordinator, our board and the volunteers who will work at both lunches promoting this cool chicken, COOP. 

 September 15 thru May Books and Beyond

1. First Book and Beyond reading sheet was sent home in their Friday folders. Beginning strong reading skills early is highly supported at Los Paseos. Teachers will ask for each student to read, at least, 20 minutes. For younger grades, this could be you reading to them, both of you sharing the reading per page, and older students can find a cozy place to make their allotted minutes. Lexia minutes are also warmly supported!

2. Each day, record how long they read and the title of the book.

3. Every 100 minutes earned, they receive 1 Books And Beyond Buck. Your child can then spend their Books And Beyond Bucks at the store!

4. Our first opportunity for students to ’shop’ is on November 18th

Thank you to Jeannie Fang, Books and Beyond Coordinator, our board, and all room representatives who collect, record and also volunteer when the stores are open for our students. 

9/26 – Picture Day 

1. All students received a packet and an email from LifeTouch regarding pictures last week. You must turn in your money to receive pictures. In the Spring, due to time, pictures are given and then families can decide. Try ordering pictures online, if you can, it is a simple process and more options available.

2. Class photos will also be taken with your child’s teacher.

3. A make-up picture date for those absent has not been given. Your child will not be in the class picture, so please try to have your child attend on Tuesday.

Thank you to Kelly Fumagalli, Jill Braun, Melanie Hawk, Racquel Lopez, Megan Fowler,  Colleen Mani and Jessica Perez for volunteering the entire school day to coordinate this process from start to finish. 

Keep reading for upcoming events… 

Upcoming Events:

9/29 – 5th grade Fundraiser for Science Camp: Poinsettias and Candy Bars

1. Poinsettia pre-orders will be sent in your Friday Folders. These typically sell out, please order as soon as possible. We are able to sell until the nursery runs out.

2. Fifth grade students are now selling candy bars for their camp fees. Please support our fifth grade class enjoy a wonderful experience of camping with their friends!

Thank you to all of our fifth grade teachers, room families, fundraising coordinators and all the students for working together to meet this goal. 

9/29 – Mustang Fest at Martin Murphy Middle School 

1. Martin Murphy is hosting Mustang Fest from 3:30 – 7 pm

2. Food, games, and extreme inflatable fun awaits! 

3. Tickets or wristbands are needed for all rides, cash is preferred. 

Thank you to the Home and School Club at Martin Murphy for inviting our school community to this event in our Los Paseos community, many of whom were Panthers themselves.

10/6 – Trolls Movie Night 

1. Event begins at 5 pm. Celebrate your inner troll with crazy hair and glitter!

2. Booths will be available for products, food, movie snack box, and trolls gear, cash preferred. A Science camp fundraising booth will have Poinsettia pre-orders and candy bar sales. Poinsettia pre-order forms will also go out in Friday Folders soon.

3. New Spirit wear will be sold! New logo, T-Shirts, Raglan style adult shirts, and sweatshirts for both youth and adults. We cannot wait for you to see them!

This event was driven by volunteers to create a wonderful memory for students. Thank you to Racquel Lopez, Movie Night Coordinator, Jill Braun, Spirit Wear Coordinator, our board and volunteers to make this event happen!

Keep reading for more upcoming events…

10/20 – Box Top Turn in 

1. Students turn in their box tops to their teachers by 10/20. 

2. Top sellers are invited to a pizza party on 10/31. 

3. Top class will receive a sweet treat delivered to their classroom. 

Thank you to Lisa Moore, Box Top coordinator, and the board for continuing this program on campus! 

10/16 – 10/20 – Scholastic Book Fair 

1. All students and families can purchase books which also creates Scholastic dollars for our teachers to use for books and classroom products. 

2. Store hours will be during recess, lunch and after school with cash and credit cards accepted. 

2. Students will preview the fair with their classroom. 

3. Students with money to buy items, are invited in during recess and lunch store hours to allow more students in the book fair. All shoppers are welcome after school to browse again as well as buy books.

4. There will be a Volunteer link soon.

Thank you to Julie Webb for coordinating this event as well as our volunteers who will staff this week long event. 


Your support is so crucial to the Home and School Club and Los Paseos Elementary school, thank you!