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A note from our music teacher Mrs. Crane…

The students truly increased their “oral tradition” in November. Many songs were added to the list of songs they are capable of singing without needing song sheets or charts. Two of our favorites were “Over the River and Through the Woods” and “What a Wonderful World”. Favorites of our younger students were “Old Toy Trains”, “Santa Claus Rock”, and “Bye, Bye Baby Tooth.”

We have now studied the brass and percussion families of the orchestra. We played rhythm sticks and learned that each of us have percussion instruments wherever we go. Our hands and feet are perfect for keeping the beat! This week we will study the life of Tchaikovsky and listen to the “Nutcracker”.  We are celebrating the Holidays and sing the treasured songs of the season. We will sing several Holiday songs including “Silent Night.” I like to include this song in our studies because of its historical significance as well as its global popularity. And, of course, we will sing Hanukkah songs, a Spanish lullaby, and learn a lullaby or two. Ah, so many songs, so little time!

Following our Holiday break, we will study the woodwind family. Once we have done so, we will turn our studies to the lives and times of the Great Masters of Music.

Join us for our holiday performances. It’s wonderful to be able to give our youngsters the opportunity to learn that performing is FUN!

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 -Mrs. Stewart

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Home and School Club

Panther Gift Boutique

The Panther Gift Boutique was such a fun experience for our students at Los Paseos. “Being responsible with money and remembering there was a boutique plus being thoughtful to give a gift is a multi-tiered lesson in and of itself.  The more we can encourage kindness and gratitude, the better our kids will be now and in the future!” -Mrs. Delgado, 3rd grade teacher. You could see the pride the students had in being able to give their friends and family wrapped presents. The whole experience was a fun learning experience, which is exactly what we wanted to give them! PLUS, we raised $1,500 towards Mrs. Crane continuing music class! A great big THANK YOU goes out to Sarah Lee and all the HSC members, parents, staff, and yard duty helpers that made this boutique such a huge success!

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This year’s Read-A-Thon raised almost $4,000 and had over 35,000 minutes read- that’s 583 hours!!! What a great job readers! Don’t forget to thank your sponsors (we can still accept donations until 12 /18) AND to spend your Read-A-Thon money in the store. All pizza parties with Mrs. Stewart will be held in the new year. If you need your student’s code to redeem their Read-A-Thon earnings please email

Health Office Needs Sweatpants

As winter approaches, the Health Office at Los Paseos is asking for donations of sweatpants sizes 5-12. If you are going through your child’s winter clothes and notice that they have outgrown any, we could use them.


Birthday Club

Los Paseos HSC invites you to celebrate your child’s birthday on the school marquee! Cost is $15 and they receive a special delivery of a birthday spirit stick or pencil! Forms in office and on the website (Spanish).

Amazon Smile – Supports Los Paseos!

Did you know that your Christmas or every day shopping on Amazon can directly support Los Paseos?! Click here.

Here is how it works: Purchases must be made on

Shop from your phone app? Add your items to your cart from your app like usual, then log in to amazon smile from your web brower on computer or phone, make sure Los Paseos is selected, and purchase items in your cart. It’s one extra, quick step, but every purchase directly supports Los Paseos.  (Yes, we wish it could be done directly from the app as well, but Amazon creates one extra step in order to support non-profits. Well worth it!) You can even see how much of your purchase is donated over time!


9AM Home and School Club Meeting. Please bring your friends and hear what’s going on.

5PM Kindergarten Holiday Performance. They’ve worked so hard! 


12/17 – MONDAY

12/18 – TUESDAY
SPIRIT DAY – Holiday Cheer: Wear your favorite sweater, vest, or accessory

SPIRIT DAY – Candy Cane Day- wear red and white to look like this favorite winter treat

12/20 – THURSDAY
SPIRIT DAY – Crazy Socks Day- Wear a silly socks

5:30PM 1st Grade Holiday Performance

12/21 – FRIDAY
SPIRIT DAY – PJ Day wear your pjs to school

Game Truck arrives. For students who sold over 20 items in the Great American Fundraiser.

No School – Winter Break

Family Night out at Mod Pizza.

To connect with a LP Home and School Club Board Member, please email them here.

Thank you Los Paseos families for building a great community!